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Early Years Centre at Camps Hill
Nursery & Pre-School

Chells Way, Stevenage, Herts SG2 0LT
Telephone: 01438 233800 Fax: 01438 233801
Email: admin@campshill.herts.sch.uk


... to The Early Years Centre where our Pre School and Nursery children enjoy the facilities on offer in our purpose built setting and primary school.

Our Curriculum

Young children learn through play and exploration. They learn by trying things out and making mistakes and solving problems. We give children time to explore and make discoveries. It is our role to observe and then support and develop children’s play. We also plan opportunities for children to learn new skills. We observe children’s needs and plan opportunities to develop these both individually and in small groups.

Our Environment

Naturally young children are curious, active learners. They like to explore their surroundings in order to make discoveries. It is our job to provide a stimulating environment where children develop socially, emotionally and intellectually. You may notice that our environment is very neutral. We use calm colours and try to avoid clutter this is to provide a calm, restful environment where children have time and space to think, discover, chat with their friends and rest. Research shows that bright primary colours over stimulate children so we have chosen to use pale, pastel shades both in the environment and the uniform. We make great use of our garden and also the school grounds and give children the opportunity for quiet relaxation in our sensory room.