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Early Years Centre at Camps Hill
Nursery & Pre-School

Chells Way, Stevenage, Herts SG2 0LT
Telephone: 01438 233800 Fax: 01438 233801
Email: admin@campshill.herts.sch.uk

School Day


Morning session  9.00am - 12.00pm
Morning session and lunch 9.00am - 1.00pm 
Afternoon session 12.30pm - 3.30pm
Afternoon session and lunch 11.30am – 3.30pm
Full day session 9.00am – 3.30pm

Arrival and registration
(9.00-9.30 or 12.30-1.00)

When children arrive they hang their coats up on their peg in the cloakroom, they then change their shoes and put their outdoor shoes in their basket. Your child is then able to play inside or outside. Please sign your child in on the register; ask a member of staff in you are not sure how to do this. You may wish to stay with your child, parents are welcome to stay for the first 30 minutes of every session to play with their child. When you are ready to leave please leave out of the door in the main room (we have a one-way system to ease the crush in the cloakroom). The gate is open for the first 15 minutes of every session and a member of staff is there to check no children can leave the garden. If you are late and the gate is locked please come through the main school entrance to sign your child in.

Key group learning
(9.30-10.00 or 2.00-2.30)

During this time children spent time with their key group and key worker, they learn to form relationships with their peers and learn new skills. Key groups are arranged by age so that learning can be tailored specifically to each child

Child initiated learning

During this time children initiate their own learning from the resources and the opportunities we plan. They make choices, investigate new things and try things out.

Whole group time

During this time children have stories and singing. This session gives them a sense of belonging when altogether in a big group and develops children’s listening skills. If children are to learn to read and write, listening to stories is essential. Children learn that pages turn left to right, words have meaning and gives their imagination and chance to develop. We often choose to read the same stories so children learn them and then can ‘read’ or tell the story themselves. We also choose stories with lots of rhyme and rhythm this is really important as rhythm and rhyming is a very essential pre-reading skill. Music and singing is also a daily activity. Research shows that a child’s ability to keep a steady beat is one of the best indicators of later academic success and also aids the development of speech and reading

Home time

When you come to collect your child at the end of the session please wait outside the gates. A member of staff will buzz open the garden gate and then children will be dismissed from one of the 2 doors. The oldest children are dismissed from the door nearest the gate. The youngest children are dismissed from the cloakroom door. If you unsure of which door to wait by please ask your key worker. Please wait outside in the garden so staff can make sure children are safe. If for any reason you are unable to collect your child please let your key worker know or phone the school office (01438 233800) who will pass a message on to us. We will not let your child go home with anyone other than you unless we have been told previously. We also cannot let anyone under the age of 16 collect a child